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Configure ZProduct to View Zuora Product Catalog


Configure ZProduct to View Zuora Product Catalog

This article describes how to create the ZProduct tab in Salesforce to enable your users to browse Zuora Product Catalog.

The content in this article applies to the 6.x or earlier versions of Zuora Quotes.

Synchronize Product Catalog Data

Before you can create quotes, you must populate the available Products and Rate Plans by synchronizing the Product Catalog data from ZuoraIf you have already configured your product catalog in Zuora, use the steps described in Synchronize Data from Zuora to synchronize product catalog information to Salesforce. You can start a manual sync or schedule a future sync session.

Create the ZProducts Tab

To create a tab to view the Zuora Product Catalog in Salesforce:

  1. Navigate to user name > Setup > App Setup > Create > Tabs
  2. Click New in the Custom Object Tabs section.
  3. In the New Custom Object Tab dialog, select ZProduct from the Object list, then select any of the available styles from the Tab Style list. Click Next.
  1. Configure the accessibility levels for the ZProducts tab. You can use the default values, or configure the specific levels. 
  2. Click Next.
  3. On Step 3. Add to Custom Apps page, select the apps to which you want to add the ZProducts tab, and click Save.

Configure the ZProducts Tab

To configure the ZProduct tab to view the Zuora Product Catalog:

  1. Click the ZProducts tab.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. On the Edit View page, configure the tab to suite your need. 
  4. Select one or more fields to display. 
  5. Click Save.

You can now use the ZProducts tab to browse the Zuora product catalog from Salesforce. 

Clean Up Product Catalog

The Zuora 360 Sync Cleanup utility removes your Zuora data from Salesforce. When the sync cleanup is performed on the Product Catalog, the entire Zuora Product Catalog is removed from Zuora Quotes. See Sync Cleanup to learn about the Sync Cleanup feature.

Be aware that quotes created using the existing product catalog in Salesforce may not work properly after you run Product Catalog Cleanup.