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Troubleshoot Quote Template Issues


Troubleshoot Quote Template Issues

This article presents troubleshooting tips for the common problems that you may encounter while customizing quote templates.

Issue Solution
Zuora quote templates must be .doc files. If you are using Word 2007 or newer version, you must save the template with the .doc extension. Zuora does not register templates that have a .docx extension.
You changed a merge field, but data does not appear in the field .

You may have modified the field without using Edit Field.

To fix the issue:

  1. Select the text.
  2. Right-click the field and select Edit Field.
  3. Edit the merge field.
There is an additional field displayed on the quote. There is a hidden merge field. 
Press ALT + 
F9 on Windows or Fn + ALT + F9 on Mac to display all merge fields codes, and then remove the hidden field. 
A merge field in quote template is not replaced with the corresponding value.

This merge field is not supported in quote templates, and the value could not be retrieved from Salesforce. See Supported Merge Fields for Quote Templates for lists of supported merge fields.

You want to use custom fields on the QuoteRatePlanCharge object for Amendment or Renewal quotes.

Link the ChargeSummary and QuoteRatePlanCharge objects, e.g. ChargeSummary.QuoteRatePlanCharge.MyCustomFieldName__c.

A query exception returns.

The table sort fields may not be valid merge fields.

An error message about an invalid field appears during a PDF/Word generation process. A merge field cannot be accessed or found during the PDF generation process. Make the appropriate change to the template.

A warning message returns when uploading the quote template:
Inconsistent merge field fonts in template may affect performance.

Merge fields display a different font depending on whether field codes are toggled on or off. For example, the field value below is shown in Arial whereas the field code is shown in Times New Roman.



To fix the issue:

  1. With field codes toggled on, select the field.
  2. Set the font and font size of the field codes to match the font and font size of the field value.


If the format code is not supported, there are validation errors when uploading the template.

A merge field is not allowed to contain both a formatting string ,e.g., "\# ###,###,#00.00", and the "\*MERGEFORMAT" switch.

For example, if you do not remove "\*MERGEFORMAT" after adding a format string as shown below, you will get a validation error:

     {MERGEFIELD Quote.Total \# ###,###,###,#00.0 \* MERGEFORMAT}

To fix the issue, remove the switch," \*MERGEFORMAT", from the merge code.