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Zuora CPQ Deprecation Policy


Zuora CPQ Deprecation Policy

Zuora CPQ has released over 140 versions of our Quoting application over the last decade.  The latest version released in May 2023 is version 10.18, which has been significantly enhanced from earlier versions. 

As the Subscription Quoting experience provided by Zuora CPQ evolves, our goal is to support our customers in having the best experience possible with the application. To do this we must periodically deprecate legacy versions.

This policy enables us to better focus our support on the current iteration of the tool as well as the newest iterations in the development pipeline. Upgrading to the latest versions will allow customers to take advantage of new features and functionalities.

Additionally, it is essential to realize that the Salesforce Platform periodically enforces features that are released in the latest versions of the platform. When they do this, the Zuora CPQ Package must also make changes to support these newly enforced features. Thus, customers must upgrade to the latest version to prevent any loss in functionality. 

Therefore, it is best practice to build a business process within your organization to upgrade the Zuora CPQ Package to the latest version at least once per quarter to remain current and stay up to the latest version. 

Below articles describes the deprecation policy for Zuora CPQ legacy versions.