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Flexera Connector


Flexera Connector

If you are using Flexera as the entitlement tracking provider, Zuora’s Flexera Connector can give you the flexibility to manage the entitlements tied to subscriptions by tying your Zuora subscription billing settings directly to your Flexera account.

Flexera Connector Overview

The Flexera Connector not only creates entitlements and entitlement line items in Flexera upon the creation of a subscription with rate plan charges in Zuora, but also updates the entitlements and entitlement line items when amendments occur to subscriptions in Zuora. The connector has REST endpoints that can be called by a Web service or by the standard Zuora callouts when subscriptions are created or amended.
Flexera Connector Overview


  • Link Entitlements in Flexera to Zuora Subscription.        
  • Change Entitlements to inactive when a subscription is canceled.         
  • Extend an Entitlement when a subscription is renewed.     
  • Add or remove entitlements when a subscription is changed.
  • Update the product quantity in a subscription.
  • Push usage and activation data from Flexera into Zuora.

Getting Started With Flexera Connector


You need to purchase the app in the Zuora Marketplace before you can install it. See Purchase an App to learn about how to purchase an app. 

Follow the instructions in Install an App to install the app. Note that OAuth is not supported by this app.

The following operations are specific to this app:

  • Select Production - US from the Build Name drop-down list.
  • Select your Flexera logins from the Source drop-down list and Zuora logins from the Target drop-down list. If no desired logins are displayed in the drop-down list, click New to create new logins. Do not select the existing OAuth credentials or create new logins using OAuth because OAuth is not supported by Flexera Connector. 


To set up a Flexera Connector instance, see Configure Flexera Connector for more information.

Using Flexera Connector

After the Flexera Connector app instance is set up, you are ready to use this app. See Using Flexera Connector for more information.