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Using Flexera Connector


Using Flexera Connector

After a Flexera Connector app instance is set up, the subscription-related actions will be mapped to entitlement updates in Flexera, and the usage and activation data will be synchronized from Flexera to Zuora. See Flexera Connector Use Cases for more information on how data is synchronized between Zuora and Flexera through Flexera Connector.

In the Flexera Connector instance, you can monitor all connector activities and configure the settings of the instance.

Monitor Tasks

You can view track all tasks in the Task History tab in the Flexera Connector app instance.

Task History tab

If a task is in the Error status, click details_icon.png to check the error message. You can also click menu_icon.png to view the details of the latest task processing, including the execution logs. 

Configure Settings

Zuora gives you the flexibility to customize the Flexera Connector based on your needs. In the Settings tab, you can configure the settings of the Flexera Connector instance, for example, the hour for the daily batch tasks and the email to be notified when errors occur.

To update a setting, click Edit for the setting you want to configure, specify the desired value, and click Update. Your configuration is then saved.