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Create a new meter based on a meter type


Create a new meter based on a meter type

To create a new meter based on a meter type, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Create Meter on the Meters home page.
  2. Enter a name for the meter and select a meter type.
    Available meter types: Direct, Delta, Sum, Max, Min, Count
  3. Click Create, the Meter Stream window opens.

Meters creation involves the following steps:

The stepper on the top of the interface provides information about the progress of the meter's workflow.

Select an event source

To select an event source for a meter, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the data for the required and mandatory fields.
  2. The event definition can contain data that provides information to the meter. You can create a new event definition or use an existing event. For more information, see Event Definitions.
  3. You can check the correctness of the uploaded file in the Source File Header Fields preview section.
  4. Click Field Mapping.

Map the event fields

Meters maps the fields from the events to the target fields. You can configure the required and optional fields. It also allows the association of the custom fields on the optional fields.

  1. Select and map the association between the event header fields and the target fields. You can search supported data types in the search field.
  2. Edit the mapping field if required. Click Options / Examples.

Preview the options and examples of the meter

You can preview the example payload and event ingestion data of the meters. 

  1. Edit the incorrect data, if any.
  2. Click Field Mapping and from there to the Event Source to edit the data.

The meter is created.