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Events Ingested


Events Ingested

You can view the events ingested into the meters.

You can apply one or more filters on the dashboard to interact with the events for data analysis. The filter conditions appear on top of the Events Ingested dashboard. The filtering options allow you to filter data for a specific time period and by event definitions. Remember that the filters that you have specified for an event will not persist. The next time you visit this dashboard, the default data will be displayed. You cannot create or add any custom filters to this dashboard.

Set the refresh rate in the Refresh drop-down list. Selecting a refresh rate will refresh the dashboard in a periodic manner.

Filter options


View By Event Definition

Allows you to select an event definition by specifying the keywords.


Allows you to select a timeframe for the events to be analyzed.


Allows you to select a time interval by which the event data would be displayed in the Events Ingested dashboard.


Allows you to reset the filter conditions.


Allows you to apply the specified filter conditions and produce data in the dashboard.