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Ingested Errors


Ingested Errors

The Ingestion Errors dashboard displays the list of the errors based on the filter conditions applied on the events.

Ingestion Errors list view

The list view gives a description of each error along with the error code, description, and count of errors.



Error Code

Error code of the error.

Error Description

Description of the error.


The count of the errors.

Filters for ingestion errors

Apply the filter conditions to view the ingestion errors based on your selection.

Filter options



Allows you to select a column value by specifying the keywords.

Available options:

  • Count
  • Error Code


Allows you to select an operator to apply.


Allows you to specify a value for the selected column and operator value.

In the filters window you can perform the following actions:

  • Click the + Add filter option to add filter conditions to the list.
  • Click the Remove All option to remove all the filter conditions.