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Aggregator as a processor


Aggregator as a processor

You can create meters for the aggregator processor.

Meter with Aggregator as a processor

To create a meter with aggregator as the processor, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a Custom Meter. For more information, see Create a new meter using custom method.
  2. Select Aggregator as the processor.
    The Aggregator settings page is displayed.
  3. Enter a name for the aggregator component.
  4. Select the group by fields.
  5. Select the aggregate options.
    1. Aggregate Fields: You can define the source field, operator, and result field. Create a new field if you want to use a new name or overwrite the source field if using the same name as source field.
      1. The aggregator will use “group by fields” to generate the usage unique key, which will be used to update the usage records in billing if the usage unique key is the same.
      2. The aggregator will not reduce the record rows but only add the results fields value based on the operation results. Then those usage records with the same unique key generated by the same “group by fields” can be transferred to billing and update the usage records with the aggregation results.
      3. The source field will be removed if the result field is using a new field name.
    2. Advanced Aggregation: You can set a complex Javascript or python to process the events.

  6. Click Save to save the aggregator processor settings.