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Set up a custom payment gateway


Set up a custom payment gateway

Before you begin

Before you set up a custom payment gateway, make sure that you have completed the following tasks:


To set up a custom payment gateway through the Zuora UI, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payments > Setup Payment Gateway.
  2. Select UPC Token Gateway from the Gateway Type list and click create gateway.
  3. Complete the custom payment gateway settings.
    • When specifying the endpoint of the payment hub, note the following restrictions due to security reasons:
      • Only the https scheme is supported.
      • The host address in the endpoint must be a registered hostname, but not an IP address.
      • Only the default 443 https port is supported. You can skip specifying the port and the 443 port will be used.

      Here are examples of valid endpoints:
Here is an example of an invalid endpoint:

    • For the credentials to access the payment hub, only basic authentication is supported for the time being.