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Limitations of Advanced Payment Manager


Limitations of Advanced Payment Manager

Advanced Payment Manager cannot apply payments at the invoice item level. It applies payments at the invoice level. 

If an invoice includes multiple subscriptions and the invoice cannot be fully paid off at once, the payment will be split across the subscriptions in proportion to their values. Imagine that the amount of your invoice is 40.88$, and it includes two subscriptions, Subscription A and B. The invoice item amounts for Subscription A and B are 30.42$ (74.4%) and 10.46$ (25.6%) respectively. 

Subscription Name Invoice Item Amount Payment Gateway Payment Method ID
Subscription A 30.42 Gateway A 8a368cf8705b804101705d07e40f1899
Subscription B 10.46 Gateway B -

If Subscription B does not have a valid electronic payment method specified, the payment run will be able to collect only 30.42$, and the payment will be applied to both Subscription A and B. The invoice will be picked up in the following payment runs again and again until the balance is paid off. In each payment run, 74.4% of the balance will be paid off. This table shows the details of the first four payment runs.

  Amount paid for the invoice Invoice Balance after Payment % of payment amount/balance before payment
First payment run 30.42 10.46 74%
Second payment run 7.78 2.68 74%
Third payment run 1.99 0.69 74%
Fourth payment run 0.51 0.18 74%

To prevent this scenario from happening, ensure that all your subscriptions have valid electronic payment methods specified.