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Charge Revenue Summary


Charge Revenue Summary


The Charge Revenue Summary is a summary of all revenue distributions associated with a subscription charge. This article describes the Charge Revenue Summary and explains how to use the information available.

What is a Charge Revenue Summary?

A charge revenue summary looks similar to a revenue schedule. The key differences are:

Revenue Schedule Charge Revenue Summary
Represent the revenue amounts on a single charge, such as a monthly recurring charge. Represents a summary of revenue amounts from all revenue schedules on the whole subscription charge. For example, revenue for one-time setup charges, recurring charges, and overages.

Navigation: Subscriptions > Subscriptions tab.

Basic Information

This section provides basic information about the charge revenue summary, such as customer, subscription number, and the subscription charge. The Total Revenue Schedule Amount is the total revenue schedule amount from all revenue schedules on the subscription charge.

Summary of Charge Revenue

Summary Information
  • Revenue schedule Amount: The total revenue amount distributed into accounting periods for all revenue schedules associated with the subscription charge. This amount is equal to the sum of recognized revenue plus the sum of distributed, unrecognized revenue, and undistributed, unrecognized revenue.
  • Recognized Revenue: Revenue in accounting periods that are closed. Revenue is recognized immediately in Zuora when accounting periods are closed.
  • Distributed Unrecognized Revenue: Revenue distributed into open accounting periods.
  • Undistributed Unrecognized Revenue: Any revenue not distributed into accounting periods is held in an undistributed, open-ended accounting period.

You cannot change revenue in closed accounting periods. See Revenue Schedules for more information on open and closed accounting periods.

Revenue Distribution Chart

This chart shows the total revenue distributed into accounting periods from all revenue schedules on a subscription charge.

Revenue Schedules

From this section, you can view distribution details from each revenue schedule with links to the actual revenue schedule and invoice. The Total Across all Revenue Schedules equals the total revenue schedule amount displayed in the Basic Information section or the Revenue Schedule Amount in the revenue distribution chart.

See Revenue Schedules for more information.