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Overview of Zuora Payments for Zuora Billing customers


Overview of Zuora Payments for Zuora Billing customers

Zuora Payments offers a simple way to turn invoices into cash with the following capabilities:

  • Connectivity to over 40 payment gateway providers
  • Support of key payment methods
  • Execute payment processing globally

The new experience for Zuora Payments UI had only been enabled in Sandbox environments and is currently unavailable in Production environments. For more information, see New user interface.

As Zuora Billing customers, you have access to the following functionalities in Zuora Payments:

As Zuora Billing customers, you can also upgrade your payment solutions by purchasing the following products:

  • Payment Gateway Routing, which allows you to define custom rules for routing transactions to preferred payment gateways, and handle fallback scenarios in case those transactions fail.
  • Applications in Zuora Collections, which can manage automated payment processes and optimize recurring collections with machine learning to help increase payment processing efficiency.
  • Zuora Fraud Protection, which is a payment fraud protection service powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to help protect merchants from increasing fraud risks through adaptive AI technology.