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Overview of Zuora Payments Standalone


Overview of Zuora Payments Standalone

Zuora Payments Standalone is an extensible payments center that supports:

  • Automated connectivity to over 40 payment gateway providers
  • Active payment methods
  • Global payment processing

The Zuora Payments Standalone feature is in the Early Adopter phase. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing it as generally available. If you want to join this early adopter program, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

With these features, you can use Zuora Payments Standalone to optimize payment processing and simplify payment management.

Zuora Payments Standalone offers the ability to manage payment and non-payment flows from creation, through processing, and to reconciliation. This helps capture every transaction flowing through your business. Digital tools, services, and streamlined configurations help you reap the benefits of an experienced payments center with global extensibility.

The following features of Zuora Payments Standalone help you increase customer payment processing efficiency:

  • Automated payment processing for electronic and external payments with cash application tools
  • Collection flows targeting non-payments
  • Reconciliation capabilities
  • Finance services

We strongly recommend using the Configurable Payment Retry feature instead of configuring the basic payment retry rules described in this article. With Configurable Payment Retry, you can set up custom retry logic or leverage AI capabilities to recover failed payments in a more flexible manner.

The new user experience for Zuora Payments UI had only been enabled in Sandbox environments and is currently unavailable in Production environments. For more information, see New user interface.

Additional features

Zuora Payments Standalone includes the following Zuora Collections features:

  • Configurable Payment Retry
  • Configurable Lockbox
  • Workflow 

Zuora Payments Standalone also supports:

  • AI-driven payment retries
  • Dynamic routing
  • Customizable notifications and workflows

These features enable you to avoid the cost and operational burden of a third-party collection system.

Get started

After joining the early adopter program for Zuora Payments, see Configure Zuora Payments Standalone for information about how to get started.