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Zuora Revenue Release Notes


Zuora Revenue Release Notes

This article summarizes new features, enhancements, and resolved issues that have been delivered since version Zuora Revenue

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png Reporting

Performance optimization for Period Open Summarization

Earlier, as part of the month-end process, you had to trigger the Period Open Summarization job after opening any new period. This job processes all the eligible RCs for the entire period, making it a performance-intensive process for high-volume data.

With this release, Zuora Revenue introduces the Next Period Summarization job (RevPro3.0 Reporting Next Period Summarization), enabling you to perform reporting summarization for the next unopened period while in the current period. This change will help speed up the period open process. Zuora recommends scheduling the Next Period Summarization job during non-peak business hours on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

The next period summarization job will run for up to 10,000 RCs by default. You can update this limit using the NEXT_PERIOD_SUMM_RC_LIMIT profile.

For more information, see Next period summarization.  

Performance optimization for reports

With this release, the efficiency of the RC Rollforward and Waterfall reports is improved, reducing the run time for report generation by around 30%. 

Row count in reports 

Earlier, Zuora Revenue displayed the Number of Rows count in the report’s header. With this release, the Number of Rows count is displayed at the end of the report to improve the report run time.


here_black.png Consumption Revenue

Enhanced UI and reports

Zuora Revenue has now introduced four additional fields, namely, Sub Product, Sub Product Charge Number, Transaction Date, and Release ID fields, to show usage history for multiple products/services under a single commitment for your customers. These fields are now part of filters, which you can include as a part of Usage History through the Revenue Workbench, Consumption Usage Waterfall Report, and Consumption Event Report. For more information, see Overview of Zuora Revenue reports.  

here_black.png UI Enhancements 

View journal entries created by all users on the Journals page

Earlier, the UI displayed only the journal entries created by you and not by other Zuora Revenue users of your organization. With this release, the UI displays all the journal entries created by other users.

Improved scrolling through the Journals and Journal ID pages

Earlier, when you scrolled through the Journals and Journal ID pages, the column headers were hidden, requiring you to scroll back to the top of the page to view the column header. We have now introduced sticky column headers for uninterrupted scrolling within these pages.  

here_black.png Events

Performance optimization for Events 

With this release, the Events processing capability of Zuora Revenue is upgraded to a modern technology. There are no changes to the UI, and the Events processing will operate normally.

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png UI Enhancements 

Mass Actions for Attributes

On the Labels page, we have now introduced the Mass Actions column to enable you to exercise control over the configuration of attribute fields in Mass Actions. You can edit the Labels page if you have access to Labels.

  • The fields under the Mass Actions column are enabled by default if the fields under Enable for Criteria and Editable columns are toggled to Yes. All other columns are set to No by default.  


The Mass Actions column is currently available only for the 'Contracts/Orders’ Data Category on the Labels page.

The Manage Mass Actions page is further enhanced to support the following functions:

  • Earlier, the limit to add attribute fields under the Update Attributes action field was restricted to 5. We have now increased the limit to 20. This upgrade will also help you view the added values together on the review page, which was again restricted to 5 earlier.

  • Earlier, fields once configured, remained static on the Review Data page. You will now have a ‘Delete’ option by the right of each field in case you need to remove the added fields.

  • Earlier, you could only configure plain text under Mass Actions for attributes. We have now applied validation based on the data type to help you input numbers and select dates.

For more information, see Manage mass actions

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png UI enhancements

Enhanced user experience on the Schedule Job/Job Groups page

In the Program Parameters tab of the Schedule Job page, the parameter in the Value field was a free text format requiring you to enter them manually.  It is now replaced with a drop-down box that helps you to directly select the applicable parameters. This enhancement will be implemented for the below programs.

  • Data Collection Master
  • Event Process
  • Event Process Master
  • Immediate POB Release
  • Immediate POB Release Master
  • Netting Process
  • Netting Process for Multi-Org
  • Accounting Transfer Master


The selection of parameters differs for each program, such as choosing them from a drop-down or enabling a checkbox. Refer to the table below to learn the selection enhancement for each parameter. 

Program name
Parameters and selection enhancement
Event Process and Event Process Master Number of Threads - No change
Book name - Drop-down with default values
Event name - The seeded events will be excluded from the list
Immediate POB Release and Immediate POB Release Master Number of Threads - No change
Book name - Drop-down with default values
RC ID - No change
Netting Process and Netting Process for Multi-Org Period Name - Displays the current name based on the org
Book Name - Drop-down menu with default values
Create Line Level - Yes or No Toggle
RC ID - No change
Include all RCs - Yes/No Toggle. The default chosen value will be ‘No’
Accounting Transfer Master Book name - Drop-down menu
Period name - Displays the current name based on the org
Shcd Type - Drop-down menu
Exclude Flag - Yes or No Toggle

For more information, see Schedule jobs

Issues resolved in

See Resolved Issues in and Later to get a complete list of all issues resolved in this release.