Billing Introduction

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Billing Introduction

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Zuora Billing allows you to manage customer accounts and subscriptions. You can launch new products to market quickly, scale operations, and gain full visibility into the metrics that drive your subscription business. Because Zuora Billing provides a single source for all customer subscription data, your subscription business can grow in scale with each new customer.

As a billing manager, you have to put the best tools at your fingertips to get the most out of your billing. You need accurate data and a way to generate invoices for your customers. Billing Operations is where you can create all of your invoices prior to payment collection. You have the option of generating a single invoice for your customer, or you can generate invoices either for a group of your customers or for all of your customers at once. Moreover, you can generate ad hoc invoices that is, invoices on demand, or you can create one or more schedules to generate your invoices automatically.

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