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TeamCollaboration Tutorial: Enable Payment Methods and Create a Payment Method


TeamCollaboration Tutorial: Enable Payment Methods and Create a Payment Method

This portion of the TeamCollaboration tutorials walks you through setting up payment methods your company will accept and the creation of a payment method in a Zuora Customer Account.

The exercise will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.


Now that TeamCollaboration has set up a payment gateway, it needs to set up its customer accounts for recurring credit card payments.

Exercise 1: Enable Credit Card Payment Method

Objective: To enable credit card payment as a payment method.

  1. Click your username at the top right and navigate to Settings > Payments
  2. Click Payment Method. A list of all the payment methods that Zuora supports appears.
  3. Click edit.
  4. Select Credit Card as one of the active payment methods that TeamCollaboration will accept.
  5. Click save.

Exercise 2: Add a Credit Card Payment Method to a Customer Account

Objective: To add a a specific credit card to a customer account for automatic payment.

  1. Navigate to CustomersCustomer Accounts to see a list of all TeamCollaboration customers.
  2. Click ABC, Inc.
  3. In the Electronic Payment Methods section of the customer account page, click create new payment method.
  4. Select Credit Card.
  5. Enter the following test credit card information:
    • Credit Card Type: Visa
    • Credit Card Number: 4111111111111111
    • Expiration Date: Any future month and year
  6. Click save. This creates a credit card payment for the customer account.
  7. In the Billing and Payment Info section, click edit
  8. Select the Auto-Pay field.
  9. In the Default Payment Method field, select the test credit card number that you created above.
  10. Click save.

You have now entered a credit card payment method for this customer, and instructed Zuora to use that credit card to automatically collect payments from the customer when charges are due.

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