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Payment Methods


Payment Methods

In this section, you will learn about the different payment methods your company can choose to accept payments.

About Payment Methods

Zuora Payments supports a variety of customer payment methods including external payments, such as cash and checks, as well as electronic payments that include credit cards, ACH, debit cards, and PayPal. When creating or updating a customer account, you can store multiple payment methods for that customer account, and you can indicate the default payment method to use when processing payments.

Zuora processes recurring payments in a PCI-compliant manner. 

Zuora also provides features such as customer notifications to help manage your payment methods by notifying credit card holders when their cards are about to expire or have failed on a payment attempt.

Key Concepts

Here are the key concepts to understand when setting up and managing payment methods in Zuora:

  • Setting Up a Payment Method for a Customer Account: You can store as many payment methods on the customer account as needed, or you can indicate that there are no payment methods for the account by selecting none. If there are multiple payment methods associated with a customer account, select one of the payment methods as the default payment method to indicate that it is the customer's preferred method of payment.
  • Auto-Pay: You can enable the Auto-Pay setting on a customer account that uses an electronic payment method. If Auto-Pay is enabled, the customer has authorized you (as the merchant) to automatically charge their electronic payment method on file when payment is due.

Additional Information and Activities

To learn more about payment methods:

  • Access your company's Z-Billing test account on the Zuora API Sandbox and try the following activities:
  1. Set up a credit card payment method on a customer account.
  2. Once you have set up a credit card payment method, edit the account under Billing and Payment Term to enable Auto-Pay.