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This section provides a brief description of the Zuora Payments features and includes tutorial exercises to introduce you to the features.

In Zuora Payments, you set up and manage payments by configuring payment gateways and payment methods, automatically managing recurring payments, and creating refunds. 

The following features are introduced in this section.

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is an online service provider that connects an electronic shopping cart or virtual terminal/POS to an electronic payment processor. It is your gateway to the rest of the payments infrastructure that allows you to accept electronic forms of payment.

The main function of a payment gateway is to pass authorization, payments, and settlement data securely to and from the merchant's website to the merchant's processor. The merchant's processor in turn connects to the card association (or network), which connects to the card issuing bank.

Payment Methods

A payment method refers to the way customers pay. Payment methods include:

  • Electronic payments, such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, third-party processors
  • Non-electronic payments, such as checks and cash

The payment method of a customer is created and edited in the customer account.

Payment Operations

In Payment Operations, you automate your recurring payments, manage overpayments, and create refunds. 

What's Next?

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