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Zuora Release 2024.02.R2


Zuora Release 2024.02.R2

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Release 2024.02.R2.

This article is a consolidated page of release notes for the following Zuora products:

For the latest release notes of Zuora Revenue, see Zuora Revenue release notes.

Release schedule

To receive notifications about releases, join Release Notifications in Zuora Community. For the planned release schedule, see Zuora Release Management.

Zuora Billing

 Zuora Billing has only internal enhancements and resolved issues in this release.​​​​

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Zuora Payments

here_black.png Payments

PIX payment methods available on Ebanx

Ebanx payment gateway integrations in Zuora now support PIX payment methods to process one-time payments in Brazil. PIX payment methods on Ebanx can be created through the one-time payment flow of Payment Pages 2.0. The creation of PIX payment methods through Zuora UI or API operations is not supported.

To enable the PIX payment method on your tenant, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

For more information, see Overview of Ebanx payment gateway integration.

Self-enablement for Payment Link

You can now enable the Payment Link feature through a self-service configuration by navigating to Settings > Payments > Manage Features. Previously, you had to submit a request at Zuora Global Support to enable this feature.

For more information, see Enable payment features by yourself.

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Zuora Central Platform​​​​

here_black.png Data Query

The CSBX Snowflake account refresh is now automatically and seamlessly triggered when a CSBX sandbox refresh is initiated. Previously, you were required to contact support for manual intervention. 

When a CSBX refresh is triggered, the data in the Snowflake share will be promptly cleared and repopulated. This ensures that your CSBX tenant is refreshed with the latest production data. In addition to the CSBX Sandbox account refresh time, the CSBX Snowflake may not have the latest updated data for a brief period of time during the automatic data refresh process. 

The automatic refresh functionality is only applicable to billing tenants.

Snowflake Secure Share now supports the following advanced consumption billing objects:

  • DailyConsumptionSummary
  • GuidedUsage
  • MinCommitPeriod
  • MinCommitTransaction
  • PrepaidBalance
  • PrepaidBalanceFund
  • PrepaidBalanceTransaction
  • RatingResult
  • ValidityPeriodSummary

For more information, see Use Zuora Secure Data Share for Snowflake to access Zuora data

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For the detailed API documentation, see API Reference.

For a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference, see 2024 API Changelog

Quickstart API 

From 2022.09.R1, the Quickstart API is available to you if you have the Orders (or Order Harmonization) and Invoice Settlement features enabled in your tenant. The QuickstartAPI allows new integrators to swiftly integrate with Zuora, and it supports essential business use cases.

For the detailed Quickstart API documentation, see Quickstart API Reference.

For a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Quickstart API Reference, see Quickstart API Changelog


Current WSDL version: 141

For information about how to check your version and download the latest version. see Zuora WSDL.

SOAP API change history

For a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases, see Zuora SOAP API Version History.