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Zuora Release 2022.11.R1


Zuora Release 2022.11.R1

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Release 2022.11.R1. This article is a consolidated page of all release notes for the following Zuora products:

For the latest release notes of Zuora Revenue, see Zuora Revenue release notes.

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Release schedule

For release schedule details, see this release notification.

For the planned schedule of upcoming Zuora releases, see Zuora Release Management in Zuora Community.

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Zuora Billing

here_black.png Invoicing and Tax

Reinvented bill run creation page available in Production

From this release, the reinvented bill run creation page is introduced to the Zuora UI in Production environments. All existing functions in the previous UI are smoothly retained. 

Furthermore, when creating an ad hoc bill run for a single account, you can now choose to bill specific subscriptions instead of all subscriptions in an account. You can simply select one or more subscriptions that you want to invoice for the specific invoice owner account. For more information, see Create an ad hoc bill run.

We will be gradually releasing the bill run creation page along with the new functionality to all Production tenants.

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Zuora Collect

Zuora Collect has only internal enhancements and resolved issues in this release.​​​​

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Zuora Central Platform

here_black.png OneID

Zuora OneID now available for early adopters

Zuora has launched a new feature called Zuora OneID to provide a unified login experience across Zuora tenants and to empower security admins and compliance teams with streamlined user identity and access management capabilities.

Hosted on, Zuora OneID is a centralized user and role management module which helps manage user account provisioning across Zuora tenants in your organization. Using SCIM APIs, you can now manage users and user account provisioning in Zuora directly from your identity provider (IdP).

Zuora OneID provides a single entry point to access multiple Zuora tenants with one click, without entering credentials for each tenant.

With Zuora OneID, you can now configure Single Sign On (SSO) for your organization seamlessly with a self-serve approach.

This feature is in the Early Adopter phase. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing it to all customers. To join this early adopter program, submit a request at Zuora Global Support and sign the EA agreement form with the Zuora OneID option selected to enable the feature.

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Zuora REST API provides comprehensive support for common business use cases. 

API for Billing, Collect, and Platform

For the detailed API documentation, see API Reference.

For a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference, see 2022 API Changelog

Quickstart API

From 2022.09.R1, the Quickstart API is available to all customers, which allows new integrators to swiftly integrate with Zuora. The Quickstart API supports essential business use cases.

For the detailed Quickstart API documentation, see Quickstart API Reference.

For a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Quickstart API Reference, see Quickstart API Changelog.


Current WSDL version: 127

For information about how to check your version and download the latest version. see Zuora WSDL.

SOAP API change history

For a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases, see Zuora SOAP API Version History.