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Product catalog synchronization from SFDC CPQ to Zuora


Product catalog synchronization from SFDC CPQ to Zuora

Create a centralized data source for product and pricing information in Salesforce CPQ and Zuora. Below are the guidelines to remember while configuring to synchronize product and pricing data.

  • The Connector does not provide a separate sync flow to sync the product catalog alone from salesforce CPQ to Zuora. 
  • The product catalog is synced along with the transactional data sync. 
  • The connector will validate the following product information in the Zuora billing platform for availability. If the information does not exist in Zuora, the connector will first create the product in Zuora. Provide the following details to add a product to the product catalog:
    • Product SKU
    • Rate plan name
    • Rate plan charge name


It is recommended to follow a flat product structure. For different rate plans and rate change plans, create different SKUs in Salesforce.