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Customize displayed action dates


Customize displayed action dates

When users click an action date within the Quote Studio page, the following dates are available for configuration by default:

  • Contract Effective Date
  • Service Activation Date
  • Customer Acceptance Date

If Service Activation Date and Custom Acceptance Date are irrelevant to your case, you can disable them by removing them from the corresponding field set. Note that Contract Effective Date is required in the field set so it cannot be removed.

Take the following steps to customize the displayed action dates:

  1. Click Setup and select Setup. The Setup homepage opens.
  2. Click the Object Manager tab. 
  3. Find the Quote Amendment (zqu__QuoteAmendment__c) object, then click the object label. 
  4. Navigate to Field Sets > Trigger Dates.
  5. In the In the Field Set box, hove over the date you want to remove and click icon_removeField to remove this field from the field set.
  6. Click Save.

After unnecessary dates are removed from the field set, these dates are no longer displayed when users click the action date on the Quote Studio page.