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Quote Studio user interface


Quote Studio user interface

To help you better understand how Quote Studio can streamline your quoting process, this article explains the different page components, icons, and additional UI actions you can leverage through Quote Studio.

Quote Studio page components

The following screenshot is the default Quote Studio page layout after you enter the Quote Studio page.


After you click icon_collapose in the Quote information and Subscription information sections, and select subscription-based products and quote line items, the Quote Studio page is changed to:


After you click Expand_Details_icon to expand the metric, the metrics section displays more fields.


The following table describes key components on the Quote Studio page, and their corresponding object and field sets in Settings. You can tailor the fields contained in these field sets to better meet your business requirements. To learn how to configure fields in each Quote Studio section, see Customize field sets for CPQ X for more information.

Number  Description Object Field Set 
1 Provides detailed information about the quote Quote Quote Information
2 Provides the overview information of the page. The subscription term type setting is added Quote Overview
3 Provides the terms and conditions of the subscription Quote Terms And Conditions
4 Billing information of the subscription, including the bill-to contact and sold-to contact Quote Billing
5 Provides the summary information of the quote, including the associated account and opportunity Quote Quote Summary
6 Provides the summary information of the subscription Quote Subscription Summary
7 Lists the key fields for product rate plan charges, such as quantity and price Quote Rate Plan Charge Charge Display Metrics
8 Lists the key charge metrics based on the selected display fields Quote Rate Plan Charge Charge Display Metrics
9 Displays the summary metrics for subscription items Quote

CPQX Subscription Metrics Collapse


10 Displays the summary metrics for quote line items Quote

CPQX QLI Metrics Collapse


11 Displays the summary metrics for both subscription items and quote line items Quote

CPQX Quote Metrics Collapse 


12 Displays the detailed metrics for subscription items Quote

CPQX Subscription Metrics Expand


13 Displays the detailed metrics for quote line items Quote

CPQX QLI Metrics Expand


14 Displays the detailed metrics for both subscription items and quote line items Quote

CPQX Quote Metrics Expand


Quote Studio icons

The following table lists icons displayed on the Quote Studio page and their functions:

Icon Function
  View charge metrics Click to view the charge metrics of the quote.
  subscription history Click to view the quote history information.
clipboard_e3a4f5a0ff82e4daac8dbf7dedc42f697.png Click to create a Future Dated Update to a product on a specific date.
clipboard_e402698248c1015bfb18dfed9acb5248a.png Click to create a Future Dated Remove Product Action. This icon does not let you create a Remove Product Action on the Quote Start Date.
 clipboard_e36d358439e9b743c6f9613a8d6b9bad9.png Click to delete a Quote Line Item from the in-flight quote.

Additional UI actions

In addition to the configurable page components and icons, the Quote Studio page also contains the following advanced functionalities.

Additional UI actions

Move action date

Click the action date on the left to change the date on which the action becomes effective. It is aligned with the Contract Effective Date by default.

You can customize displayed action dates to customize the dates to be displayed after clicking this action date.

View charge metric breakdown

By default, you can click the numbers in the Charge Subtotal column to view the charge metric breakdown by each billing period.

If you have enabled the Enable Preview On Demand Quote Studio admin setting, the charge subtotal for each item is not calculated. Instead, the Preview Metrics is displayed at the bottom, and the metrics can be previewed only after users click this button.

See Enable Preview On Demand for more information.

Add quote line items

If the Order Line Items feature is enabled in your Zuora tenant and the corresponding Quote Studio admin settings are enabled, you can create quote line items in CPQ X. The following UI changes are in place depending on the configuration of Quote Studio admin settings:

  • The Non-Subscription Items section is displayed at the bottom of the page if the Enable OLI Creation in Quote Studio admin settings is set to Active. In this section, users can search and browse existing one-time charges, and create quote line items for these charges.
  • The New Quote Line Items button that allows users to create new quote line items from scratch is displayed in the Non-Subscription Items section if both conditions are met:
    • The Enable OLI Creation in Quote Studio admin setting is Active.
    • The Allow ad hoc OLI creation admin setting is Active.

See Configure Quote Studio admin settings for more information.

Edit rate plan custom fields

From Quotes version 10.29, you can edit custom fields associated with rate plans directly in the Quote Studio interface.

Here's what you can do

  • Set Values During Rate Plan Actions: You can now set values for Rate Plan custom fields directly when adding, removing, or modifying Rate Plans in Quote Studio. To set values simply click the edit icon () displayed on the rate plan charge line item in Quote Studio. This opens a modal window showcasing the fields available for editing.


  • Customizable Button Label: You can customize the button's help text using the “EDIT_RATE_PLAN_CUSTOM_FIELDS_BUTTON_HELPTEXT” custom label for enhanced guidance. For more information, see Localize and Customize Labels and Messages.

How to get started

  1. Add Custom Fields to Field Set: To enable editing of custom fields in Quote Studio, include them in the new field set named "CPQX Rate Plan Modal" (zqu__CPQX_Rate_Plan_Modal) within the Quote Rate Plan object.

  2. Streamlined Management: Once the custom fields are added to the field set, you will see an edit icon () displayed on the rate plan charge line item in Quote Studio. Clicking this icon opens the modal window for convenient editing.

CPQ X Display Rate Plan Fields (zqu__DisplayRatePlanFields) is not intended for displaying and editing custom quote rate plan fields in the Quote Studio UI. Instead, you can use the CPQX Rate Plan Modal (zqu__CPQX_Rate_Plan_Modal) field set within the Quote Rate Plan object.