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Enable lookup filters for fields in Quote Studio


Enable lookup filters for fields in Quote Studio

You can configure lookup fields that conform to the defined lookup filter logic to Quote Studio. 

Lookup filters allows you to define filtering criteria and logic to restrict values and lookup dialog results for lookup, master-detail, and hierarchical relationship fields. For example, if the value of a relationship field should only consist of records with a particular record type, you can specify the record type in a lookup filter. For more information about lookup filters, see Lookup filters from Salesforce’s documentation.

Note: The steps in this article are documented based on the Salesforce Lightning Experience.


  • You have the system administrator user role.
  • Ensure that you understand lookup filters.
  • Ensure that the API Enabled permission is enabled at the profile level.
  • Navigate to Zuore Config > Quote Studio Configuration > Admin Config, and hover over the tooltip next to the Enable Lookup Filter toggle. You need to note down the indicated URL that will be used later.


CPQ X accesses custom filters through the Salesforce's Tooling API. Therefore, you must create a Tooling API remote site setting, then enabled the lookup filter setting.

Take the following steps to enable lookup filters:

  1. In your Salesforce org, navigate to Setup > Settings > Security > Remote Site Settings.
  2. Click New Remote Site
  3. Complete the Tooling API remote site setting:
    1. In the Remote Site Name field, enter Tooling API.
    2. In the Remote Site URL field, enter the URL indicated in the tooltip of the Enable Lookup Filter Quote Studio admin setting.
    3. (Optional) Select the Disable Protocol Security check box.
    4. (Optional) In the Description text box, add the description of the setting.
    5. Click Save to save the setting.
  4. Navigate to Zuore Config > Quote Studio Configuration > Admin Config.
  5. Switch the Enable Lookup Filter toggle to Active.
  6. Click Save to save the configuration.

Subsequently, only the lookup fields that meet the lookup filter logic can be added to Quote Studio.

If you have updated an existing Salesforce lookup filter or created a new lookup field, click the Refresh Filter button on this page. It will refresh all filters.


Currently, only the static custom lookup filters are supported. For example, Opportunity:Amount equals 5000. Dynamic filters where you can filter based on field values are not supported. For example, Opportunity:Amount equals Quote:Tax. If a dynamic filter is added, the system skips the entire filter logic and displays records without filtering.