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Customize Currencies


Customize Currencies

The list of currencies is used to filter available products when creating a quote and also affects the currency of the billing account when the accounts are created in Zuora. The list of available currencies in Zuora Quotes must match the currencies for which rate plans have been defined in Zuora. For example, if you have defined products to be sold in GBP and USD, only those two currencies should appear in the Zuora Quotes list.

The customization of currencies should be done during the initial installation process.

This customization is specifically for the Currency list in the quote. The currency list defines the products that you can select from your product catalog. When you set the list of currencies, you will be able to select only the rate plans with the same currency as the customer account.  

To customize the currencies in Zuora Quotes

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to user name > Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects
  2. In the Custom Objects list, click Quote.
  3. In the Custom Fields & Relationships section on the Custom Object page, click Currency.
  4. In the Picklist Values section on the Quote Custom Field page, add, edit, or delete the picklist values to match the currencies in Zuora. 
  5. Add, edit, or delete the picklist values to match the active currencies in Zuora.
    • Click New to add new currencies.
    • Click Edit to edit existing currencies.
    • Click Del to delete currencies from the list.  
  6. If you add new currencies, enable all of the available record types on the Add Picklist Values page. Click Save.