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Create Subscription in Legacy CPQ


Create Subscription in Legacy CPQ

When a sale is made, a quote becomes an order for a subscription. The subscription in turn can be amended, renewed, cancelled.


Working in Zuora Quotes involves the following tasks, discussed in this section:

See Zuora Quotes Object Model for the custom objects installed and used by Zuora Quotes.

Before creating quotes, review the Sync Field Reference to understand which fields are synced between Zuora and Zuora Quotes. 

To work with quotes, the user must have appropriate user permissions on both the Zuora and Salesforce systems.

See Managing User Roles for more information about user roles in Zuora.

The Salesforce account must have permission to access the required Salesforce data.

For example, if a quote template includes the Organization.Name field when creating a quote PDF, the end user must have the Salesforce "View All Data" permission for the Organization object. If the user does not have sufficient permissions, one of these two errors occurs:

  • If the end user does not have object-level permission to any objects used in the quote template, the quote PDF is not generated and an error is returned.
  • If the end user has "View" permission (or greater) to all objects specified in the quote template, but does not have field-level permission to any of the fields specified in the quote template, the PDF is generated with empty values in those fields.