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Prepaid balance transactions


Prepaid balance transactions

The following concepts are related to prepaid balance transactions.

Prepaid Balance Total prepaid units available during a subscription. It is an aggregate of all funds under a subscription.
Prepaid Balance Fund Prepaid units available for use during a validity period. Each validity period has a corresponding fund.
Prepaid Balance Transaction An action that increases or decreases its associated Prepaid Balance. There are 7 types of transactions:
  • Prepayment
  • Drawdown
  • Prepayment Adjustment
  • Drawdown Adjustment
  • Drawdown Reversal
  • Prepayment Credit Back
  • Prepayment Credit Back Reversal
Prepayment An action that creates a Prepaid Balance Fund, thus increasing the associated Prepaid Balance. The following actions trigger Prepayment transaction type:
Prepayment Adjustment An action that updates a Prepaid Balance Fund, thus updating or decreasing the associated Prepaid Balance. Update the quantity of prepayment product in a subscription triggers Prepayment Adjustment transaction type.
Drawdown An action that decreases the Prepaid Balance associated with a drawdown charge. 
Uploading usage triggers Drawdown transaction type.
Drawdown Adjustment An action that updates a usage record tied to a drawdown charge, thus updating the associated Prepaid Balance. 
Uploading usage with a unique key triggers Drawdown Adjustment transaction type. 
Drawdown Reversal An action that is generated during the automatic reversal of a usage record tied to a drawdown charge. This type of transaction is based on one Drawdown or Drawdown Adjustment transaction. The following order actions trigger the Drawdown Reversal transaction type:
Prepayment Credit Back

An action that decreases the associated prepaid balance to 0 due to removal or cancellation. The following order actions trigger the Prepayment credit Back transaction type:  

Prepayment Reverse Credit Back

An action that recovers the prepaid units erased in the associated prepaid balance due to removalcancellation, or shrinking the term.

Deleting an order (the previous removal or cancellation order) triggers the Prepayment Reverse Credit Back transaction type.


Suppose you take the following actions for a customer who has subscribed to your prepaid product (10 units included per month) for one month.

Action Prepayment transaction type Units
Create the subscription Prepayment 10
Renew the subscription for one month Prepayment 10
Update prepaid quantity to 15 Prepayment Adjustment 5
Upload one usage record with Quantity = 3 units Drawdown -3
Update the previous usage record with Quantity = 4 units Drawdown adjustment 3 (First recover the above 3 units )
Drawdown  -4 (Then draw down the 4 units)

You can view the customer’s prepaid balance through the Zuora UI or Data Query