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Set up Central and Developer Sandbox


Set up Central and Developer Sandbox

All data in your central sandbox will be deleted during the refresh process, and your sandbox will be unavailable until the refresh is complete. After the refresh of a Zuora Central Sandbox tenant, a new snapshot of your scrubbed production data is copied over to your Central Sandbox. Refreshing a Developer Sandbox will copy over all the settings and configuration of your Production environment. Therefore, you must complete a set of tasks to set up the Developer and Central Sandbox tenants to ensure that they work as intended.

These tasks can be grouped into two types: 

  • Tasks completed in your Zuora tenant.
  • Tasks in external systems with inbound Zuora integrations. 

Zuora will no longer refresh or reset the previously configured settings in Central Sandbox to prevent overwriting any testing configurations you have enabled. After the initial Central Sandbox refreshes, you will have to configure the following settings once, which will be retained in your Central Sandbox after every refresh.

  • Tax Engine Configurations (credentials and endpoints)
  • Notifications (callout base URLs, callout credentials and callout definitions)
  • Payment Gateway Configurations (credentials and endpoints)
  • HPM keys
  • SSO configuration preserved for all existing users in Central Sandbox
  • Zuora 360 Configurations. For more information, see Zuora 360 and 360+.

Tasks needed in Zuora

The following checklist provides all tasks within Zuora you need to go through one by one to set up your Developer and Central Sandbox tenant:

Category Task Needed for initial copy or refresh?

SSO integration

Reconfigure SSO through submitting a request at Zuora Global Support

See Configure Single Sign-On for Zuora for more information.


User management

Update Zuora user emails, or add QA or Developer users as needed.

Note: Upon each refresh, the admin must submit a request at Zuora Global Support to reset the password for admin users.

Integrations to external systems

Update integration endpoints and Zuora API usernames in Zuora:

Collections Update API usernames and tokens, and settings for Zuora Collections. Yes
Hosted Payment Pages Update keys for hosted payment pages. Yes
Notifications and Callouts Update SMTP Settings. Yes
Billing - Revenue Integration

If you have the Billing - Revenue Integration enabled, reconfigure the integration through submitting a request at Zuora Global Support

  • Billing tenant Id (Global Id if it is a Multi-entity tenant)
  • URL endpoints for both Billing and Revenue
  • Revenue schemas
  • SSO (if enabled in Production)
  • Username (for SSO enablement)
Zuora Workflow

Review hard-coded callout URLs (not pointed to Production) and reconfigure if necessary, and reconfigure authentication tokens. See Configure the settings of a workflow for more information.

Note that after the central sandbox refresh, it is required to reconfigure the workflow run user.

The best practice is to use global constants to maintain desired URLS since they are wiped upon refresh from Production. If global constants are configured in the sandbox environment, they persist through subsequent refreshes.

Reconfigure Liquid templates Yes
Custom Object If you store PII data or external links on custom objects or custom fields, ensure that such data or link is removed or scrubbed. Yes
Bill Run and Payment Run Schedules

Developer and Central Sandbox refresh will not copy the scheduled Bill Run and Payment Run, so the Bill Run and Payment Run will not work as scheduled after the refresh.


Tasks in external systems with inbound Zuora integrations

If you are using any external systems or integrations that call Zuora or receive requests from Zuora, you must reconfigure Zuora credentials or Zuora API endpoints in these external systems or integrations to ensure valid connection.

For example, if you are using Zuora CPQ, you also need to update Zuora endpoints, and API usernames and passwords for Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360 in your Salesforce organization.

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