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Configure Zuora Payment Method Updater for American Express (AMEX)


Configure Zuora Payment Method Updater for American Express (AMEX)


Zuora supports Cardrefresher from American Express through the Zuora Payment Method Updater (PMU). This feature helps keep merchants informed when a card member replaces or upgrades their American Express card information. When configured, Zuora PMU initially sends American Express a registry file containing the Card information for your American Express cardmembers with whom you have established recurring billing or Card-on-file relationships. AMEX Cardrefresher will automatically deliver a daily electronic file to Zuora over Secure File Transfer (SFTP), with any updated Card information.

Note that using the PMU for American Express in the Zuora Test Environment is not supported. 

Zuora only allows you to create one American Express updater instance. After the instance is created you can only activate or deactivate this functionality.


Customers' interested in using the AMEX updater functionality must go through a series of steps to configure the PMU service before it can be used. 

  • Merchants need to work directly with American Express to complete their Cardrefresher supplement agreement. Contact your American Express Relationship Manager to begin this process.
  • Merchant will need a Service Establishment (SE) number from AMEX. This is a ten-digit number assigned by AMEX that is unique to your merchant account.
  • Customers who have previously used the American Express Cardrefresher service external to Zuora will need to submit to American Express a de-registration file for all existing records prior to enabling the service in Zuora

Configure Zuora Payment Method Updater for AMEX

To configure Zuora PMU for AMEX, click your username at the top right and navigate to Settings > Payments > Set Up Payment Method Updater.

Select American Express from the Updater Type and click add payment method updater.

  • Processor: The PMU functionality has to be approved by your gateway/processor. Once enabled, Zuora will automatically send American Express payment methods to the American Express for updates.
  • Active: When checked PMU will automatically submit credit card information for updates. Please note that if multiple Active Updaters are configured, they may submit the same cards and receive the same updates. 
  • Name: Enter the name you want to use to identify the updater.
  • SE Number: Service Establishment number assigned to your account by AMEX.
  • Rules: If the Only update the default payment method for AutoPay customer accounts setting is selected, only the default credit card payment methods for customer accounts with the AutoPay setting enabled are included in the updates. Clear this check box to submit data of all credit cards for all customer accounts, regardless of whether AutoPay is enabled for the customer account or not.

Submit and Retrieve PMU Batches

Payment methods that are newly created since the last submission will be collected and submitted every day at 18:00:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST). Navigate to Payments > Payment Method Updater, and you will see the status “Processing” in the batch list. The payment methods that have already been sent to AMEX will not be re-submitted again.

An American Express scheduled job will run every day at 20:30:00 PST, this job will retrieve the completed batch from American Express via SFTP. When the batch is successful the status will show “Completed”.

Resubmit a Batch

There may be times when you will need to resubmit a batch for processing. To resubmit a batch navigate to Payments > Payment Method Updater,  select the batch and click Re-submit batch.

If you attempt to resubmit batches one hour before the daily scheduled batch processing time of 18:00:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST) you will receive an error and will need to wait until the daily batch processing is complete before resubmitting.

Retrieve a Batch

If you need to manually retrieve a batch navigate to Payments > Payment Method Updater,  select the batch and click Retrieve results.