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Troubleshoot Payment Method Updater


Troubleshoot Payment Method Updater


This document reviews how to troubleshoot the Zuora PMU and deal with batch-level errors, find payment methods with invalid credit card information, and understand Zuora-defined response codes.

How to Troubleshoot

Zuora provides a payment method updater (PMU) console for use with the both the Vantiv and CyberSource Account Updater. This console helps users track and manage the batch files and payment method information sent to the CyberSource Account Updater service. It is also used for troubleshooting, which will be discussed in the sections below. The console can be accessed by going to Zuora Payments > Payment Method Updater.

Use this troubleshooting guide to understand how to:

  • handle batch error handling
  • use data export to find specific information, such as finding payment methods with invalid credit card information
  • understand the general methodology of Zuora-defined response codes.

As CyberSource, Vantiv, and WorldPay updater service setups are different, there are also some separate troubleshooting steps, including:

  • reconciling the Zuora PMU with the enrolled updater service
  • response codes specific to the account updater service.

See CyberSource Troubleshooting, Vantiv TroubleshootingWorldPay Troubleshooting pages, depending on your service.

Batch Error Handling

Zuora provides the merchant with simple error messages with detailed responses that include customer-only and Zuora support fixes. The Response Code field uses a Zuora-defined three digit numbering system. 

If the customer wants to parse Zuora's Updater Response Code, please be aware that the response messages vary by case and by updater. The suggestion is to only parse response codes.  In the example below, the response code is 501.


Finding Payment Methods with Invalid Credit Card Information

After batch processing has completed successfully, the updater changes for all payment methods are stored. Two fields store the results: Status and Update Type. The payment methods with invalid card information have a Warning status, with NotApprovedForSubmitted update type.

To search out payment methods with invalid credit cards:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Data Sources.
  2. Select Payment Method Update as Data Source.
  3. Select All Payment Method Updater Fields, and Select All Payment Method Fields
  4. In the Filters section, use filter Status = WarningUpdate Type = NotApprovedForSubmitted
  5. In Time Frame section, Select Filter By Created DateDate Range as Current Month
  6. Click Export.

Download the CSV file which includes payment methods with invalid credit card information. 

Along with the error response codes from the previous section, the Update Type is a particularly useful field to view when troubleshooting problems, and is used specifically with data export. The table below shows a list of update types and explanations.

PMU Record Update Type Description
ApprovedForSubmitted Only used during submission. It indicates that the record has been submitted with the batch successfully.
NotApprovedForSubmitted Invalid credit card information including the card number, card type, expiration month, expiration year.
AccountUpdated New credit card number. This may also include a new expiration date.
AccountClosed Credit card is closed.
ExpiryDateChanged New expiration date.
ContactCardHolder Contact card holder.
NoChange No change.
NoMatch No match.
Other Any other reason not listed above.


Understand Zuora-Defined Response Code and Response Message

To get the response code and response message,

  1. Navigate to Payments > Payment Method Updater.
  2. On the table of all batches, click the batch number to see batch information.
  3. On the result page, Response Code and Response Message are shown in section Basic Information.

The Response Codes indicate whether a batch has been successfully processed. Response Codes are grouped in five classes: successful responses, configuration errors, communication errors, general system errors, and gateway response (including successful response or error response).

The table below describes the general methodology for response codes by level, developed by Zuora.

Response Code Description Customer Next Steps
1xx The upload or download was successful. Note that 1xx does not mean the updater service has completed the check.  None
2xx The credentials or configurations in configuration page of payment method updater are incorrect. Correct the credentials or configuration.
3xx Communication errors such as socket exceptions during upload/download of files, authentication failures, and not being able to connect to the gateway server. Contact the gateway's support.
4xx General system failure such as webdav, safenet, AMQ, unable to parse result file, or others.  Submit a ticket and tracking number to Zuora support. Once the issue is fixed, manually retry.
5xx The payment gateway company's updater service response code. This is the result of whether credit cards are updated or are not in a batch file. In the message, there is a gateway response message with an optional gateway response code. Contact the gateway company's support team to clarify the meaning of the gateway response code/message.

See CyberSource TroubleshootingVantiv Troubleshooting, or WorldPay Troubleshooting for specific response codes.