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Zuora Revenue Release Notes


Zuora Revenue Release Notes

This article summarizes new features, enhancements, and resolved issues that have been delivered since version Zuora Revenue

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png Reporting

Phasing out of the Reporting Summarization job

This release phases out the ‘Reporting Summarize Current Period’ job since Summarization is enabled to run in real-time.

If you execute the Reporting Summarize Current Period job with real-time Summarization enabled in your tenant, the system will notify you that Summarization is enabled to run in Real-Time. You no longer need to execute the Current Period Summarization job.

Zuora recommends you to implement the following:

  • Stop running the ‘Reporting Summarize Current Period’ job.  

  • Navigate to Policies > Period Open/Close Template and remove the ‘Reporting Summarize Current Period’ summarization job from your Period Close template definition.

The new data query is an object-based utility that gives you enhanced query capabilities. This query supports the output of up to 100k records. This new feature also supports syntax validation, query execution in background mode, and query history along with your output. You also don't have to wait in the UI during query execution and output. 

If you are a Zuora Billing and Revenue (OTR) customer, you can perform the following actions:

  • Write queries to cross-join objects across applications.
  • Run queries by joining Revenue contracts in Zuora Revenue & Orders/ Subscriptions in Zuora Billing.

This feature is designed to give enhanced capabilities to power users wanting to write queries. You can use Data Query through API, User Interface, and Workflow tasks.

Prerequisites - Zuora unified authentication (also known as Zuora SSO) is enabled for the Zuora Revenue tenant. 

Enable this feature by setting the ‘ENABLE_DATAQUERY_SERVICE’ profile to Yes and navigate to  Reports > Data Query to access the new data query UI.


Billing objects used must be prefixed with the word ‘live.’ For example, select a_name, b_name from live.RPRO_DS_SUBSCRIPTION_G. This prefix is not required for Revenue objects.

here_black.png Data Collection

VED currency support

We have introduced support for VED (Venezuelan Digital Bolivar) currency in Zuora Revenue. With this incorporation, Zuora Revenue can recognize revenue when you perform transactions using VED. 

here_black.png Close Process Dashboard

Export from the CPD UI limited to 50k records 

To avoid technical errors when downloading a high volume of records from the Close Process Dashboard’s (CPD) UI, data export is now limited to 50k records for each export.

The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png UI enhancements

Zuora AI help for Revenue 

Zuora AI help is now available for Zuora Revenue. AI help brings enhanced in-tenant troubleshooting, including a ChatGPT-integrated chatbot to help you find solutions quickly. Click the Help icon and type your question to view several related help articles and support tickets.

To converse with the new ChatGPT integrated chatbot, click the ZUORA AI button. Additionally, you may create a support ticket if you still need help finding the solution.

For more information, see Zuora AI help.

here_black.png System-related configuration  

Self-service API user password reset 

Zuora Revenue’s new self-service API password reset allows you to change or reset your password without assistance from the administrator or Support team. You will need role-based access to Setups > Security to reset passwords.  Navigate to Setups > Security > Reset API User password to change your password


The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png UI enhancements

Enhanced user experience on the Schedule Job/Job Groups page

In the Program Parameters tab of the Schedule Job page, the parameter in the Value field was a free text format requiring you to enter them manually.  It is now replaced with a drop-down box that helps you to select the applicable parameters directly.


here_black.png UI enhancements 

Restyled avatar/profile menu

Zuora Revenue’s avatar/profile is restyled per Zuora Billing’s UI to provide a similar experience. You can also select your preferred language and table styling from the menu options. The new UI is enabled by default. To turn the restyled UI off, contact Zuora Global Support.

Enhanced Program Name field for Schedule Job/Job Groups 

Currently, you can only select the applicable job option from the Program Name dropdown field, making it challenging to find the job. With this release, you can type your job name in the Program Name dropdown field and select the applicable job from the dropdown. To help you find your job quickly, we have also removed the prefix RevPro3.0.


The following new features and enhancements are available in this release. 

here_black.png UI enhancements

Schedule creation date 

Currently, Accounting Details on Workbench displays only schedule ID. With this release, a field to show the schedule creation is added to the Journal Details screen to help ease the research for adjustment revenue accounting. You can add/remove this new field from Manage Layout.

Issues resolved in this release

See Resolved Issues in and Later to get a complete list of all issues resolved in this release.