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Zuora Release 2022.05.R2


Zuora Release 2022.05.R2

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Release 2022.05.R2. This article is a consolidated page of all release notes for the following Zuora products:

For the latest release notes of Zuora Revenue, see Zuora Revenue release notes.

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Release schedule

For the planned schedule of upcoming Zuora releases, see Zuora Release Management in Zuora Community.

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UI enhancements

In this release, the following enhancements are introduced to the new Zuora UI across different products.

Enhancements to reinvented list views

The reinvented list views have been continuously improved based on customer feedback such as the line spacing and whitespace issues. For customers who are using the reinvented list views on Sandbox environments, this feature will be deployed to Production environments. The feature is still in the Early Adopter phase. We are actively soliciting feedback and keep making improvements.

Enhancements to restyled UI

The restyled UI has been continuously improved based on customer feedback. In this release, changes to the font, color theme, and line spacing are delivered for a better UI experience.

Zuora Billing

here_black.png Orders and Subscriptions

New field on Subscription object to present last change date

The lastBookingDate field is now available on the Subscription object to present the last change date of a subscription for Zuora Billing - Revenue Integration. The field is available to all the tenants. The value of this field is as follows:

  • For a new subscription created by the Subscribe and Amend APIs, this field has the value of the subscription creation date.
  • For a subscription changed by an amendment, this field has the value of the amendment booking date.
  • For a subscription created or changed by an order, this field has the value of the order date.

The Zuora API, data source, and data query have been enhanced to support this field.

Support for filtering orders by order status through Orders UI

The order list view page has been enhanced to support filtering orders by order status. Previously you could only filter orders by order date range.

See View the Details of an Order for more information.

here_black.png Invoicing and Tax

Support for creating and updating multiple memos through REST API

You can now use the following new API operations to create and update multiple credit memos or debit memos from invoices or product rate plan charges in one single request: 

If the creation or update of one credit memo or debit memo fails, other credit memos or debit memos can still be created or updated successfully. You can create or update a maximum of 50 memos in one single request.

Custom fields available on Contact Snapshot object

Custom fields are now available on the Contact Snapshot object. 

The values of custom fields on the Contact Snapshot object are copied from the corresponding custom fields on the Contact object. For picklist type custom fields created on the Contact object, their equivalents on the Contact Snapshot object are corresponding text type custom fields.

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Zuora Collect

here_black.png Payments

New REST API operation available for writing off credit memos

If Invoice Settlement is enabled on your Zuora tenant, you can now write off fully unapplied credit memos by using the "Write off credit memos" REST API operation.

When writing off a credit memo, a debit memo is automatically created first, and then the credit memo to be written off is fully applied to the debit memo. This operation saves you the effort of manually writing off a credit memo and solves the potential mismatch between tax items. 

You can optionally specify a memoDate in the request body, which indicates both the creation date of the debit memo and the effective date of the credit memo. The credit memo is applied to the corresponding debit memo on memoDate. By default, memoDate is set to the current date.

When using the "Write off credit memos operation", note the following limitations:

  1. Currently, this operation only supports writing off credit memos that are fully unapplied. This operation cannot write off credit memos that are not fully unapplied. 
  2. You cannot specify a date different from memoDate for the credit memo to be applied to the debit memo.

Support for storing 8-digit Bank Identification Number

For all credit cards and debit cards created in Zuora, we track and store the Bank Identification Number (BIN) associated with a payment method on the corresponding customer account. With the limitations of the 6-digit BIN range being realized, card issuers have expanded the BIN range to 8 digits, which Zuora is now capable of storing.

If the 8-digit or 6-digit BIN is returned in the response from the gateway, it will be stored and used in Zuora. If no BIN is returned from the gateway, the first six digits of the card number will be stored as the 6-digit BIN.

Enhancements on stored credential transaction support for multiple payment gateway integrations

We have expanded the support for stored credential transactions for different card brands on the following payment gateway integrations:

  • Chase Paymentech Orbital
  • NMI Gateway
  • Moneris (eSELECTplus Canada)
  • Vantiv (Now Worldpay) Payment Gateway

For more information, see Support for stored credential transactions overview.

Enhancements on unknown errors in API responses

We have enhanced the error codes to be more effective for the unknown errors that occur in the following scenarios:

API Operation Scenario Previous Error Code Current Error Code
Create an Apple Pay payment method Specify an invalid payment token 52010060 52010020
Create a payment Payment is processed successfully, but the key statistic metrics are not updated due to lock competition 53810050 53810060
The applied amount is greater than the balance on the invoice to be applied UNKNOWN_ERROR REQUEST_REJECTED

For more information, see the REST API Changelog.

If you have any questions about compatibility with this update, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

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Zuora Central Platform

here_black.png Events and Notifications

Support for sending OAuth 2.0 client credentials in callout notification request headers

The callout notifications with OAuth 2.0 Authentication have been enhanced. If the HTTP requests with client ID and client secret in the request body fail, callout notifications will provide these credentials in the HTTP request headers, using the HTTP Basic authentication scheme:
Authorization: Basic <client_id:client_secret>
Note that client_id:client_secret is a base64-encoded string.

For more information, see Configure callout notifications.

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For a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference, see 2022 API Changelog


Current WSDL version: 122

For information about how to check your version and download the latest version. see Zuora WSDL.

SOAP API change history

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