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Update prepayment product in subscription


Update prepayment product in subscription


After you have created a prepayment subscription through Orders, you can update prepayment charges in the existing subscription for your customers.  

Suppose your customer has subscribed to the following product for 12 months:

Product: API Calls Prepayment Service 
Product rate plan: API Calls Monthly Prepayment Plan
Prepayment charge Drawdown charge
  • Charge name: Monthly Plan
  • Charge type: Recurring
  • Charge model: Flat Fee
  • List price: $20/Billing period
  • Billing period: Month
  • Prepaid UOM: Million calls
  • Prepaid units: 10
  • Validity period: Month
  • Charge name: Drawdown
  • Charge type: Usage
  • Charge model: Per unit
  • List price: $5
  • UOM: Million calls

After a while, your customer wants to increase the prepaid units from 10 to 20 because of increased businesses. You can do this for your customer through the Zuora UI or REST API

Zuora UI

Follow the steps described in Update a product in a subscription.

Select the desired product to be updated in this order. 

Update the charge details as needed. 


Use the Create an order operation to update the prepaid charge in a subscription. 

Determine the value of theprepaidQuantityfield specific to the prepayment charge to be updated.

Sample request body: Update the prepaid quantity in a subscription from 10 to 20. 

Request POST    /v1/orders
Request body
"orderActions": [
         "type": "UpdateProduct",
         "updateProduct": {
           "ratePlanId": "4028818c7dc31247017dc36f40430113",
           "chargeUpdates": [
               "chargeNumber": "C-00000014",
               "prepaidQuantity": 20

Once the order action is activated, for the remaining validity periods in the subscription term, the customer is granted 20 Million API calls valid to use each month on a use-it-or-lose-it basis. The prepaid total quantity is recalculated. 

You can view the customer’s prepaid balance through the Zuora UI or Data Query

Notes and limitations

  • Only list price and prepaid quantity of prepayment charges can be updated. The prepaid quantity must be a positive number. 
  • An update is only allowed at the beginning of a validity period. For example, a prepayment charge in the original 12-month subscription has 4 quarterly validity periods: 
    • 01/01/2022-03/31/2022
    • 04/01/2022-05/31/2022
    • 06/01/2022-09/30/2022
    • 10/01/2022-12/31/2022

You can only update this prepayment charge on 01/01/2022, 04/01/2022, 06/01/2022, or 10/01/2022.