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Performance Booster Elite


Performance Booster Elite

The Performance Booster Elite builds on the Performance Booster module, and is for companies with high volume transactions and high throughput needs. The Performance Booster Elite allows customers to scale high-volume processes to meet the demands of peak periods and larger batch operations. 

With the Performance Booster Elite package, you can have 200 configurable account batches instead of 50. For pricing information, see Zuora Editions and Zuora Modules.

Benefits include:

  • Improve operational efficiencies by: 
    • Reducing the need to manage and monitor multiple Bill Runs and Payment Runs in order to accommodate increase in volume
    • Reducing process bottlenecks that impact mission critical tasks, such as month end accounting close
  • Maximize cash flow by:
    • Ensuring invoices get out to customers on time
    • Processing payments within optimal windows of time to maximize payment success
  • Enable higher volume of transactions by:
    • Increasing API concurrency limits to scale for peak periods
    • Expanding the limits on subscriptions per account and line items per invoice 

What is included in Performance Booster Elite

Performance Booster Elite adds targeted compute capacity and increased throughput within Zuora by providing:

  • More Subscriptions per Account: Address more complicated situations like reseller use cases with up to 80,000 subscriptions per account.
  • More Invoice Line Items per Invoice: Address more complicated scenarios like reseller use cases with up to 20,000 invoice line items per invoice.
  • Enhanced Account Batches. You can have up to 200 configurable account batches instead of 50. This provides you with great flexibility to manage your accounts during bill runs. For instance, you can categorize batches by country and channel or arrange your accounts based on billing cycle days and frequencies.
  • A Dedicated Shard: For customers who purchase Performance Booster Elite, we offer additional hardware enhancements for your production instance, for new and existing clients as explained below, that provide dedicated query performance and enable segregation from other customers. This provides even faster throughput on Bill Runs, Payment Runs, and improved concurrency on API requests:
    • Micro-batch Bill Runs: Zuora’s Parallel Processing Engine uses a micro-batching technique to allow parallel generation of invoices, and hence shortening bill run times. Invoices within a bill run are automatically grouped into smaller batches and processed with greater throughput. 
      • Rating:
        • This impacts rating of Rate Plan Charges and drafting of Invoices.
        • Typically, the majority of processing time is tied to rating and drafting.
      • Posting Currency:
        • This impacts the posting of each invoice following the rating step.
        • While negligible at smaller volume, posting time becomes material as the volume of transactions processed by each Bill Run increases, especially if it involves integration to a tax engine.
    • (Optional) Micro-batch Payment Runs: Zuora’s Parallel Processing Engine uses a micro-batching technique to allow parallel generation of payments, and hence shortening payment run times. Payments within a payment run are automatically grouped into smaller batches for greater throughput.
      • Payment Creation: This impacts the initial creation of the Payment.
      • Payment Processing: This impacts payment processing against your payment gateways.

      To improve the payment run performance through multi-threading support, the number of concurrent threads enabled must be more than the number of concurrent payment runs configured for your tenant.

      The best practice is to contact your payment provider to ensure the payment gateway can take advantage of the increased concurrent limit thresholds.
      For the gateway to provide the required number of concurrencies, you must work backwards from your expected payment volumes per day.

    • Higher API Concurrency Limits: Increased API concurrency limits allow companies to scale sign-ups and other customer operations per second. This upgrade does not apply to Data Query API operations by default. If you want to enable this upgrade for Data Query, contact your Zuora account representative.
  • (Optional) Higher Data Query Queued Queries Limits: After reaching the maximum number of simultaneous queries, this feature allows you to achieve an increased queue size. This means that queries can be queued and prioritized for processing, ensuring that none are rejected due to capacity constraints. This upgrade is not enabled for your tenant by default. If you want to enable this upgrade, contact your Zuora account representative.
  • (Optional) Dedicated Workflow Workers: Zuora will provide always-available resources to support high-priority processing and lower in-queue wait times. For more information, see Dedicated Workflow Workers for Performance Booster Elite.
  • (Optional) Dedicated API Cache: Zuora's dedicated cache process improves performance and continuity by housing predefined historical records in a standalone in-memory data store, with dynamic retrieval based on opportunistic algorithms.
    • The cache is configured based on their identified e-commerce and tier 1 dataflows, which typically include account, contact, payment methods, active subscriptions, and current invoice object records.
    • Cache interactions are limited to Zuora SDK and Zuora Quick Start API GET calls.
  • API Queue: The asynchronous process in Zuora enables you to scale your applications more efficiently by leveraging Zuora's infrastructure to queue and execute requests without blocking. These requests are much less likely to fail for non-deterministic reasons with built-in retry semantics, even in extremely high-throughput scenarios.

Additional capabilities that boost Zuora’s platform performance may continue to be added to these modules as they become available. 

Getting started with Performance Booster Elite

Performance Booster Elite is available as an add-on for customers on the Nine Edition or Gold Platform.

For customers interested in the Performance Booster Elite package, please note the following:

  • New Zuora customers can be provisioned with a dedicated shard for the production environment at the beginning of their lifecycle on Zuora with no expected impact to Go Live.
  • For existing customers, migrating your production instance to a dedicated shard may require up to 5 minutes of downtime. Downtime will be coordinated and scheduled for your convenience in collaboration with Zuora CSM, Support and/or Product teams.

If you are interested in adding Performance Booster Elite, please reach out to your Zuora CSM.