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Setting Up Payment Method Updater


Setting Up Payment Method Updater


Zuora's integrations of the specific Payment Method Updaters (PMUs) are different from each other, and thus the configuration of each PMU service also varies. Customers interested in using the PMU feature must first register for the account updater services with the provider of their choice and review the prerequisites. After registration, customers must go through a series of steps to configure the PMU service before it can be used.

If you have the Multi-entity feature enabled, you must apply for a merchant account for each entity. Use the corresponding Merchant ID to set up the Payment Method Updater for each entity.

For more information about setting up the specific updaters, see: 

Once the updaters are set up, you will have to configure the start date for the PMU service, which is based on the bill cycle day. The requirements for different gateways vary. Go to the respective account updater page to learn more.