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Install Zuora Collect AI features


Install Zuora Collect AI features

The functionality of Zuora Collect AI is divided into several features. You need to install the features one by one.

Ensure that you have only one active instance of each feature in the environment. Multiple instances of the same feature in the environment may cause integration issues.



  1. In Zuora, navigate to Marketplace > Purchases.
  2. Locate the Collect AI app to install, then hover and click Deploy
    Zuora Collect AI consists of the following features. You need to install one by one.
    • Configurable Payment Retry
    • Notes
    • Statement Generator
    • Collections Window
    • Advanced Payment Manager
    • Configurable Lockbox
    • Workflow
  3. In the New Configuration window that opens, specify the configuration details for the app:

    • Name: A name is automatically populated. Modify the name if necessary. 
    • Run Mode: Select Universal
    • Execution: Select External.
    • Build Name: Select the Production build that will create the app. Contact your Engagement Manager or Zuora Global Support if you have further questions.
    • Target: Authentication details for your Zuora tenant. Choose the OAuth tenant login that you have created.

      After choosing the Zuora Connect login, click Edit, then check whether the WSDL version at the end of the URL is 89.0. For example,

      If the WSDL version is not 89.0, change the WSDL version to 89.0, then click Save Login. See Zuora WSDL for information about WSDL versions.

  4. Click Create.
    The feature is installed and will be populated under Marketplace in Zuora shortly. You may need to refresh the page for the app name to display.

After the features of Zuora Collect AI have been installed, you need to complete initial configurations before they are ready for use. You need to launch and configure a feature in Zuora. 

Now Zuora Connect is only used for creating OAuth tenant logins. You cannot launch, configure, or use an app in Zuora Connect anymore.

For instructions about configuring the features, refer to the following articles:

  1. Configure the Configurable Payment Retry feature
  2. Configure the Notes feature
  3. Configure the Statement Generator feature
  4. Configure the Collections Window feature
  5. Configure the Advanced Payment Manager feature
  6. Configure the Configurable Lockbox feature
  7. Integrate Workflow with other Zuora products