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Configure the Notes feature


Configure the Notes feature


Obtain the API token for integration

To use the commenting functionality of Notes in the Collections Window feature, you need to enter the API-token of the Notes feature in the settings of Collections Window. 

To obtain the API token of Notes, navigate to Settings > Settings in Notes. 


To learn about where to enter the API-token of Notes in Collections Window, see Set Up the Collections Window Feature.

Change your avatar in Notes

When you add or reply to a comment in Collections Window, your avatar will be displayed with your comment. You can change your avatar in Notes. 

To change your avatar:

  1. In Notes, navigate to Settings > My Avatar.
  2. Click Choose File. In the window that opens, select the image file for your new avatar and click Open
    The maximum file size is 2 MB and the supported file formats are PNG and JPEG.
  3. Click Upload. The new avatar will be displayed in a moment.