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Quote Studio user interface


Quote Studio user interface

This feature is in the Early Adopters phase. We are actively soliciting feedback from a small set of early adopters before releasing as generally available. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support or contact your Account Executive, and provide the ID of the Salesforce org on which you want to enable CPQ X.

To help you better understand how Quote Studio can streamline your quoting process, this article explains the different page components, icons, and additional UI actions you can leverage through Quote Studio.

Quote Studio page components

The following screenshot is the default Quote Studio page layout after you enter the Quote Studio page.


After you click Expand_Details_icon in the Quote Summary and Subscription Summary sections, and select products, the Quote Studio page is changed to:


The following table describes key components on the Quote Studio page, and their corresponding object and field sets in Settings. You can tailor the fields contained in these field sets to better meet your business requirements. To learn how to add or remove fields in a field set, see Customize field sets for CPQ X for more information.

Number  Description Object Field Set 
1 Provides the summary information of the quote, including the associated account and opportunity Quote Quote Summary
2 Provides the summary information of the subscription Quote Subscription Summary
3 Provides more detailed information about the quote. Quote Quote Information
4 Provides the overview information of the page. The subscription term type setting is added Quote Overview
5 Provides the terms and conditions of the subscription. Quote Terms And Conditions
6 Billing information of the subscription, including the bill-to contact and sold-to contact. Quote Billing
7 Lists the key fields for product rate plan charges, such as quantity and price. Quote Rate Plan Charge Charge Display Metrics
8 Lists the key charge metrics based on the selected display fields. Quote Rate Plan Charge Charge Display Metrics

Quote Studio icons

The following table lists icons displayed on the Quote Studio page and their functions:

Icon Function
  View charge metrics Click to view the charge metrics of the subscription.
  subscription history Click to view the subscription history information.
 Add mid-interval update Click to add an update to the product on a certain date.
 Remove icon Click to remove a product on a specific date.
  Remove product icon Click to remove the product from the in-flight quote.

Additional UI actions

In addition to the configurable page components and icons, the Quote Studio page also contains the following advanced functionalities superior to CPQ 9.

Additional UI actions

  • Move action date: Click the action date on the left to change the date on which the action becomes effective. It is aligned with the Contract Effective Date.
  • View charge metric breakdown: Click to view the charge metric breakdown by each billing period.