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You can brand Zephr-generated pages to provide a clear and consistent user experience.

You can create the following pages for use on your site:

  • Login/Registration: These pages provide a multi-step login and registration flow in a standalone page.For examples of the way your login page could look, see Example Login and Multi-step Registration Pages.
  • Preference centre: These pages provide a page in which end users can do the following:
    • View their preferences
    • Edit their preferences
    • View their profile
    • Edit their profile
    • Update their email address
    • Update their password
    • View their subscriptions
    • Update payment methods for subscriptions
    • Change subscription plans
    • Add or cancel subscriptions
    • Navigate to custom pages

    Note: To allow your end users to change their subscription plans from the Preference Centre page, you need to first set up subscription option groups at a site level. For further information on how to define the subscription option groups that end users can select to change their subscription plan, see Subscription Plan Options.

    For an example of the way your preference centre pages could look, see the Example Preference Centre Pages topic.

  • If you have enabled account branded pages for any company accounts, Company Account Management. For further information on enabling account branded pages, see the Creating Account Branded Pages topic.These pages provide a page in which end users who are set as Account Owners can do the following:
    • Search for another user who is part of the company account
    • Add another user who is part of the company account
    • Delete another user who is part of the company account

    Note: To use these pages, you must also have enabled email verification and set a user as account owner for the company account. For further information on enabling email verification, see the Authentication topic. For further information on setting a user as an account owner, see the Companies & Accounts topic.

    You can brand company account management pages for each company account. This allows you to provide a personalised experience for each company account.

    For an example of the way your company account management page could look, see the Example Company Account Management Page topic.

Before creating a page, you must define your style guide. For further information on defining your style guide, see the Define Your Style Guide topic.