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Zephr’s Delivery Module is where you do the following:

  • For Zephr CDN implementations, set up and configure your sites.

    Note: You must configure the site URL for all implementations. For further information on configuring the site URL, see the Add a Site topic.

    For further information on managing sites, see the Sites section.

  • For Zephr CDN implementations, group your sites to create user journeys for a series of sites using a single decision node, or products and subscription packages that are available to all sites in the site group

    For further information on managing site groups, see the Site Groups section.

  • Create user interface components based on HTML templates for use in your feature outcomes

    For further information on managing UI components, see the Component Library section.

  • Manage Zephr-generate pages, where your end users can register for, log into, and manage their account

    For further information on managing pages, see the Pages section.

  • Transform all, or some, of the request and its relevant response using redirects

    For further information on using redirects, see the Redirects section.