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Create a Cancel Subscription Page


Create a Cancel Subscription Page

You can create a page where your end-users can cancel their current subscriptions.

When configuring the Cancel Subscription Page, you are able to customise the text on the cancel button, the cancellation confirmation message, and the way the end users log in to their accounts from the page. You also have the option to add a configurable warning message before cancellation. 

Take the following steps to set up the Cancel Subscription Page:

  1. Navigate to Delivery > Pages > Add a page
  2. Specify the following basic information for the page:
    1. Enter a title for the page
    2. Select Cancel Subscription as the Page Type
    3. Update the Page URL if needed
    4. Select whether to set this page as a template for account branded
    5. Click Continue
  3. Click Page Configuration. Enter a title and introduction for the page.
  4. Click Login Configuration. Specify whether to use passwordless authentication and add login providers as needed.
  5. Click Cancel Subscription Configuration, and specify the following:
    1. Cancel button text
    2. Cancellation confirmation message
    3. Whether to display a warning message before cancellation. If you turn this setting on, you can then specify the message that will be displayed.
    4. Redirect button text and URL.
  6. Click Save

Your end users can now access the Cancel Subscription Page using the URL defined in the Page URL field.

Note that cancelling a subscription will not end the subscription immediately. The subscription will end after the current service period finishes, which will be specific to the end user.