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Offer Shareable Products


Offer Shareable Products

A shareable product allows a customer to share their product grant with a defined number of other people. For example, you can use a shareable product to offer family accounts.

Note: You cannot use shareable products to share product grant entitlements resulting from membership of a Company account.

You can configure a product as shareable when you create or edit it. You can also configure the number of seats available for sharing.

When building your rule, you can use a frictionless checkout form to allow the end user to purchase a shareable product. When defining your frictionless checkout form, you can do the following:

  • Enable the sharing of a link that the invitees can follow to accept the shared product
  • Define user variables to capture information from the customer for use in the email template sent to the invitee, or in custom components when using the API
  • Define the destination of the link provided in the invitation

When an end user purchases a shareable product, they can do the following:

  • Invite others to share their product grant
  • Revoke access to the shared product on a seat-by-seat basis using the Preference Centre

An invitee must register to accept an invitation to become a member of a shareable product, and continue reading. They can revoke their membership at any time. The invitee’s email address is not stored in Zephr until they have registered.

Note: You can also revoke a member’s access to the shareable product in the Admin Console, if requested, as described in the Revoke a User’s Access to a Shared Product section.

In this example, we do the following: