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Feature versioning


Feature versioning

You can version control your features.

You can see all your features listed in the Features screen, with details of the latest version, as illustrated below:feature_versioning_1.png

If you select a feature, the feature details screen displays the details of each version, as illustrated below:feature_versioning_2.png

From this screen, you can do the following:

  • Search a version by its version number or description
  • Add or modify the description for each version
  • View the status of a version
  • Edit a version

    Note: You can update any version of your feature. When updating a draft version, you can select either to save the changes to the existing version or to create a new version. For versions in other statuses, a new version is created when you save the changes so that the previous version can be retained.

  • Stage a version
  • Preview a staged version
  • Publish a version
  • Unpublish a version
  • Delete a version