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How do I check usage statuses in my billing?


How do I check usage statuses in my billing?


Usage tracks how many units a customer has used of a certain product, such as the number of minutes in a telephone plan.  All loaded usage can have a status of either Pending Process or Processed, depending on whether the usage had been invoiced.

See Adding Usage Data for instructions on how to upload usage.


The status of the usage depends on whether it has been included in a bill run.

Pending Process

After importing usage, the status is automatically set to Pending Process.  This usage is waiting for processing in a bill run. Usage with this status can be updated or deleted. The usage will be processed in a bill run that has a target date greater than the usage start date. Note that usage is always billed in arrears (for example, you bill for January usage in February).


Once the usage has been picked by a bill run, the status will be automatically updated to Processed.  You cannot make any changes to usage records that have a status of Processed.