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How do I use batches?


How do I use batches?


You can use Batches to easily group your customer accounts to allow for separate processing.

By default, you have 50 configurable account batches. To increase the limit to 200 batches, you must have the Performance Booster Elite package.


You can create up to 50 different batches for different types of customer accounts. For example, your customer accounts can be organized as Batch 1 for US-based customers, Batch 2 for EMEA, and Batch 3 for Asia. This gives you the flexibility to select who you want to bill for by running bill runs based on batches. You can also choose to bill batches by payment method such as electronic and external.

In addition to organizing batches by number, you can also name batches to reflect something meaningful to your business. See Customize Batch Names for more information.

You can specify the batches in the Additional Fields section when creating an account or editing an existing account. See Creating a Customer Account for more information.