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How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues?


How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues?

If you are experiencing slowness or network connectivity issues when accessing the Zuora applications from the UI or the API, run a trace route program to help Zuora see the quality of the link to our website and allow us to better troubleshoot the issue.

The article helps you gather the necessary information about your connection to Zuora. 

Submit a request at Zuora Global Support if you require additional assistance.

Run a Trace Route Program

To run a trace route program:

  1. If you are running Linux, enter the following at the command line:
  2. If you have MTR installed, enter the following command:
  3. If you are using Windows, open a command prompt and enter the following at the command line:
    c:\ tracert
  4. Alternatively, you can use an online tool to do the traceroute, such as:

When communicating with Zuora, please include a screenshot of the command line output.

Run wget Scripts

You can also run wget scripts to monitor your connectivity from a cron job.

Use the following script (please run this script for short periods of time):

$ cd /tmp/foo
$ while true; do wget --no-check-certificate >>wget.log 2>&1; sleep 5; done 

Send the log file (wget.log) to Zuora so that we can review the information.