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How do I test my gateway?


How do I test my gateway?


Zuora is pre-integrated with the most popular gateways and processors ("payment providers"). We built these integrations using the payment providers' SDK and integration guides, and have met all necessary certification requirements required by the payments provider. We maintain and test the integration with every Zuora release, so that our customers can simply plug in their credentials to start collecting payments from within Zuora.  There is no coding, no integration required by you (the merchant) to collect payments out of Zuora using any of our pre-integrated payments providers. However, if you want to integrate your e-Commerce website to leverage additional functionality provided by your gateway/processor, you can certainly do so using both the Zuora APIs and the payment provider's APIs. 

This article provides you general testing information and links to specific configuration guides that contain testing information for each payments provider that we pre-integrate with.


General Testing Information

As part of your Zuora implementation, we recommend you test your payment gateway/processor before going live. The purpose of testing is to ensure your workflow from end to end works as expected; your workflow might begin with the customer signing up on your website, to collecting the payment method data, the actual payment collection, provisioning access to your products and services. Testing can be done using your payment gateway's testing or certification environment. It is also important to test in your live gateway environment to ensure your live merchant account is configured properly and fully enabled for transactions.

Refer to Configuration Guides for Specific Information by Gateway/Processor

Each payment service provider will have specific recommendations for testing. It is important to review the gateway/processor's documentation when planning your testing strategy. Zuora's payment gateway configuration guides contain important information such as: 

  • How to access your gateway's test or certification environment.
  • How to obtain testing information such as test credit cards and testing scenarios.
  • Troubleshooting tips and specific errors information.

You can access the configuration guide for each payment gateway in Supported Payment Gateways.