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Supported browsers


Supported browsers

Zuora is tested for compatibility with the following browsers:

  • Desktop:
    • Mozilla Firefox: Two most recent stable major versions
    • Google Chrome: Latest stable version
    • Microsoft Edge: Latest stable version
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Version 11
    • Apple Safari: Most recent stable major version
  • Desktop for Payment Pages 2.0:
    • Google Chrome: Latest stable version
    • Microsoft Edge: The latest stable versions
    • Mozilla Firefox: Two most recent stable major versions
  • Mobile for Payment Pages 2.0. Note that Zuora only supports browser-based Payment Pages on mobile devices. App-based Payment Pages are not supported.
    • Google Chrome: Latest stable version on iOS and Android
    • Microsoft Edge: The latest stable versions
    • Safari: Latest stable version on iOS

      In Safari on iOS, do not set the Block all cookies privacy setting to Yes. Otherwise, Payment Pages 2.0 will not be loaded in Safari.

The Zuora Dashboard does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The following are Zuora's general browser support policy:

  • Zuora makes every effort to test and support the most recent versions of all browsers.  
  • Zuora recommends you use the latest stable versions of either Firefox or Chrome.

Other browsers and browser versions may work with Zuora. We do not test other browsers for compatibility, and we do not accept incident reports related to browsers or browser versions that are not included in the list of supported browsers.

Known Issues with Internet Explorer

Zuora recommends that you use the latest stable versions of Firefox or Chrome.  If you use Internet Explorer, be aware of the following:

  • Internet Explorer is automatically set to run in Internet Explorer 9 compatibility mode for versions of Internet Explorer 10 and 11.
  • Due to some incompatibilities with Internet Explorer, Zuora has a 6-month certification period before we can officially claim full support for the most recent version of Internet Explorer.  Please note, there may be instances when we claim support earlier than 6 months.

Browser Configuration Issues

The following browser configurations have known compatibility issues:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 in Compatibility View or in non-Standards Document Mode

Chart Not Rendering for Revenue Schedule

For Internet Explorer 8, the chart on the Revenue Schedule and Charge Revenue Summary pages does not display. If you have this browser version installed, you will be unable to view revenue distribution graphically.

Work around: If possible, switch to another supported browser, such as Internet Explorer 9,  or get the detailed Revenue Schedule data from the Revenue Schedule table on the Charge Revenue Summary page.