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Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q4 2015 (Version 6.61)


Upgrade Zuora Quotes to Q4 2015 (Version 6.61)

This document explains how to upgrade Zuora Quotes Q2 2015 Release (version 6.50) to the Q4 2015 release (version 6.61).

If Zuora Quotes has never been installed in your Salesforce org, perform the standard installation as described in Install the Zuora Quotes Package.

The steps given in this article are based on the latest Salesforce Setup menu. If you are using the older version of the Setup menu in you Salesforce org, you may need to take a slightly different path to access the setup pages. Refer to Salesforce documentation for the exact steps to perform the tasks.

Run the Script to Migrate Quotes Data

Due to the quote object refactoring, the New Subscription quotes that were saved in previous versions of Zuora Quotes will not be accessible in this version. Execute the migration script that migrates the New Subscription quote data from the Quote Charge object to the Quote Rate Plan Charge object. You must run the script as a System Administrator.

This migration script will temporarily disable the Store Data in Quote Charge configuration setting while the script is running. You should not enable this setting while the migration script is running.  ​

  1. Disable any custom triggers or validations in your org.
  2. Open Developer Console.
  3. Navigate to Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window.
  4. Enter the following Apex code in the Enter Apex Code window:
       zqu.ZuoraQuotesUpgradeConversion6_51 zuc =
          new zqu.ZuoraQuotesUpgradeConversion6_51();
       ID batchprocessid = Database.executeBatch(zuc);
  5. Click Execute.
  6. Navigate to Setup > Administration Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs and verify that the above job is running.
  7. Disabled customer triggers or validations can now be re-enabled.

The migration script is available in the 6.61 release of Zuora Quotes.

If all of the following conditions apply to a quote, the quote will not be migrated by the script:
1. A product, a rate plan, or a rate plan charge was removed from the Product Catalog in Zuora.
2. The Product Catalog was rebuilt in Zuora CPQ by a Sync Cleanup followed by a fresh Product Catalog Sync from Zuora.
3. The Quote and Quote Charges include the product, the rate plan, or the charge removed in Step #1.